The score of 144 is composed for an ensemble of 12 piano sections with 12 pianos each and includes the live LEGO building of the pianos, the whispering of texts in several languages, and a final section sang by all the pianists. All the parts may be performed by young and very young pianists. 144 is dedicated to all the countries taking part in EXPO 2015.

© yae 2014

144 is a modular score in a continuous crescendo: the parts starts one by one assembling the LEGO pianos, following the choreography, and whispering a text. Each part whispers a dedicated text: short piano-poems, tales about the woods used for the pianos, the countries where the woods come from, the VIPS in the piano history, etc.

While the first ensemble assemblies its pianos, all the ensembles start whispering. As the first section ends assembling-whispering and starts playing, the second ensemble starts assembling, followed by the third, etc. The parts start every 10 minutes. As the performance goes on, there will be a crossfade between whispering and music. When the last ensemble starts playing, all the pianists sing together with the VIPS and the audience bitter the end of the performance.

144 lasts about 144 minutes.

The pianists are 6-18 years old and come from 12 music schools.

144 is a big happening made for listening the live classical music and all the life around it.