"Aloof from any academic minimalism, Sebastiano Cognolato's music is endowed with strenght and fantasy.
(Danilo Di Termini, Diario)

"Attention to the sound, and an apparent simple composing style filled with meditative pages and hammering rhythmes, leads to a natural and pleasant listening."
(Angelo Miotto - Rodeo)

"Ray said that if a story is written right, you would hear its music all the way through. When you finished it, there will be this kind of undertone. I think you get that in Sebastiano's music.""
(Tess Gallagher, RAI Radio Tre).

"The music by Sebastiano Cognolato is an impure art, contaminated by the visual art, the electronic mood, the everyday life. A very surprising music."
(Luca Segalla - La Prealpina)

"(...) Cognolato's music sounds like a fresh lute".
(Gian Mario Benzing, Corriere della Sera)

"A real artistic goody... #10 Pianos Street is sophisticated, innovative, a suggestive mix of music and performance."
(Andrea Giacometti, Varese Report)

"Pure art giving back deep emotions in exchange of few attention"
(Simone Falgiatore - Jazz Convention)

"A flirt with lightness and smiles."
(Francesco Colombo, Corriere della Sera)