SI DO REcycle

Theme and recycled variations for piano



SI DO REcycle is a piano tema e variazioni commissioned in 2015 by the IV Coop Music Awards as Special Prize for the Boys and Girls, Children, and Kids categories. It is inspired by the food and materials recycle according to the Expo 2015 items. SI DO REcycle has been performed for the first time on October 25 at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan, proposed again as Special Prize in the V Coop Music Awards (2016) and in Piano City Milano 2018.
The following composer note, extracted from the score, explains the musical concept of the composition and can be recited, read, declaimed, etc by the performer.

The modern philosophy of recycling materials that inspires this composition is translated in music mainly by a kind of materials' paraphrase, and only occasionally by traditional techniques like quoting, componing "in the vein of" or "on a theme by". The performance of the variation "Glass", for example, is fit only if it sounds "glassy", and the same applies to the other variations.
In the concept of the composition, the pianist too is accounted as a recycled material, and he is asked to perform the music not only with his/her hands, but also with elbows, forearms, palms, and singing, whispering, shouting, declaiming; anyway, the performer is free to use his body as he likes better, hopefully according to a custom, original and licit concept of the performance.
The text is a non-serious list of recycled materials and objects. The implied irony shall be the base for every performance.

Yae, April 2015

PS: Schweppes was the first company introducing an industrial project for glass recycling in the early years of the 19th century.